About us

Our Vision and Mission

To unlock everyone swimming potential and make learning to swim effortless

Dive into excellence with Fabulous Swim, where our friendly professional coaches make every stroke count. 

Offering Group and Private lessons, we start guiding swimmers as early as 6 months.

Our video montage.
Your swimming Diary!

Videography is a very powerful tool, enabling students to review their own performance, and align to their self-imagined image of themselves during swimming. This aids in pinpointing areas that may need improvement.

Our exclusive underwater Videography services aim to assist you in preserving those memories, and more importantly review their progression. From fear of water, to know how to paddle and breathe, and to be able to swim strokes correctly. 

Seat tight and enjoy our video below…

Why us?

What sets us apart from others?

✅ Videography; Swim memories, vivid moments
Personalized coaching
Commitment to blend in learning with joy

Videography Memories

Dive into a innovative underwater videography, capturing both their progress at each milestone and also cherished memories.

Expert Coaches

Our professional coaches bring expertise, fun and passion to each lesson, integrating optimal skill development. Each coaches are also equipped with videography skills.

Accelerated Learning

Private lessons offer a faster learning curve, perfect for those with specific goals or time constraints. Our program caters to all ages and ensuring mastery at every stages.

Exclusive Private Environment

Experience classes at your house, or let us bring our expertise to your swimming pool, combining convenience with scientifically designed coaching. Enjoy the convenience of learning in the privacy of your home.

It's not just a destination, it's a adventure

It is not just about swimming, it is a journey of growth, confidence, memory, joy in the water. Join us for an experience that goes beyond the strokes, creating lasting memories and valuable life skills.