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to be swim coach in singapore, you can apply for SCTA course with Fabulous Swim

SWIM Coaches & Teachers Australia (SCTA) is a prominent body for swimming Coaches, Teachers and Swim Schools in Australia.

Fabulous Swim held SCTA course is recognised in Singapore

SCTA qualifications are globally recognized. We’re proud to train numerous swim coaches in Singapore, continuing to inspire more teachers in water safety and swimming skills. Our courses offer a best-practice blend of online self-paced study and face-to-face practical workshops for flexibility.

Testimony from Past Swim Coach Certification Participant

Kevin Low Testimony

1. Internationally Recognised (including Singapore)

Obtained a valuable certificate that is widely recognised globally

2. Comprehensive Swimming Coach Course

Your all-in-one place for certification to be a Swim Coach. Our courses will show you how to handle infant as early as 4 months old up to adult. You will be well geared up for your new career ahead!

3. No prior Experience needed

Worried if you might not have any experience? Not sure if you know how to handle strokes correctly? 

FEAR NOT! We provide exclusive personal development program to level up your skills from no confidence to a skillful Coach.

4. Obtain Certification ASAP

Our courses and programs are structured to prepare you for a Swim Coach role in as little as 1 month for confident individuals or typically less than 3 months on average.

If you desire additional exposure, feel free to approach us for extra attachments to enhance your experience and confidence!

5. Full time or Part time

Looking to replace your inflexible job? Wanting to take control of your own working hours? You are at the correct place, being a Swim Coaches are good for both full time and part time, you have the autonomy to plan your working hours.

6. Swimming Coaches Wanted!

Ready and eager to be a swim coach straight out of training? You may be someone Fabulous Swim is looking for!

There are so many students queuing to learn swimming with Fabulous Swim. We need passionate, Certified Swimming Instructors!

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How to become a Swim Coach in Singapore?

To become a Swimming Coach in Singapore, you need the following (step by step):

  1. At least 16 years of age
  2. Enroll in SCTA Bundle course or SCTA: Swimming and Water Safely Teacher Course
  3. Complete the online Theory component
  4. Attend the SCTA face to face course (includes Practical component) 
  5. Complete on the Job Practical Supervision at an Aquatic Centre or Swim School (such as Fabulous Swim)
  6. Fill up and complete the Assessment workbook
  7. Complete and marked competent under SCTA accredited assessor (Fabulous Swim can provide assessor)
  8.  Have existing CPR and First Aid accreditation (can be taken before or after the SCTA course)

Exclusive Personal Developmental Course!

Ever worried of not being competent enough to handle infants, a group of active kids or unsure how to correct students stroke efficiently? 

Fear not! We offer this exclusive course ingrained to any of the SCTA course. For every SCTA course you took with us, we strive to bring standards to the swimming coach community. We believe that in order to teach swimming to others, you yourself have to be confident in your own ability and strokes.

This course offers:

  • Stroke assessment
  • Stroke demonstration and correction
  • Steps by step stroke delivery method
  • Ways to handle students in varies situation. Eg. students who are hyperactive, fear of water, ignore given instructions

New to Swim Coaching?

teaching new swim coaches to be better. teaching adult swimming

SISSS00132 – Swimming and Water Safety Teacher – Swim Australia™ Teacher

Our entry level course will equipped you with the knowledge and competence to conduct swimming lessons to learners from age of 4 onwards.

Upon completing all the course requirements, candidates will be accredited with the Swim Australia™ Teacher license, valid for three years. 

SISCAQU027 – Promote development of infants and toddlers in an aquatic environment – Swim Australia™ Teacher of Babies & Toddlers

Our Babies and Toddler course will equipped you with the knowledge and competence to conduct swimming lessons for infants and toddlers over 6 months old.

Upon completing all the course requirements, candidates will be accredited with the Swim Australia™ Teacher license, valid for three years, and is now able to expand your swim career to coach infants.

More Positive Testimonials From Our Past Swim Coach Certification Participants

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Swim coach teaching toddlers to swim in group lesson

Frequently Asked Questions on Our Swim Coach Course in Singapore

No prior experience or certifications required. This is where our swimming instructor course build you up from a beginner newbie to a certified Swimming Instructor.

Of course you can! Fear not, our exclusive Personal Development Course caters to assess your strokes and guide you how to correct other’s stroke correctly and efficiently.

Certainly! You have come to the right place! If you feel that our exclusive one-day Personal Development Course is excellent but too short to enhance both your confidence and swimming skills, worry not. After your SCTA Swim Coach course, you can become a Swim Coach at Fabulous Swim School. We provide weekly training sessions to ensure our dedicated coaches feel confident in the water.

Unlike other courses elsewhere, where you might be required to swim specific strokes or cover certain distances, dive, and tread water during practice sessions, we welcome individuals who may not know how to swim yet. This sets us apart, offering a unique aspect to our course.

We covers from water safety standards, water rescues, survival skills, water familiarization, lessons planning, swimming strokes assessment, demonstration and delivery. 

We seamlessly integrate your learning through a combination of classroom and hands-on practical sessions in the pool. This approach allows you to apply theoretical knowledge and enrich your overall experience.

We do not provide CPR and First Aid (CPR FA) certification. You may attain your CPR FA certificate elsewhere after our course. No requirement to have the CPR FA certificate before our course date, but you are encouraged to get CPR FA certificate as soon as possible in order to be certified as a Swim Coach.

No, you do not need the CPR and First Aid (CPR FA) certificate prior to our SCTA Swim Coach Couse. You can attend our course first before attaining CPR FA certificate. The sequence of attaining SCTA cert or CPR FA cert does not matter. But ultimately, a valid CPR FA certificate is required for SCTA to issue you your Swim Coach license.

Certainly! Feel free to enroll the Infant and Toddler course, provided you met the prerequisites. Upon completion, you can broaden your scope to coach a diverse range of students, beginning as early as 4 months old.

Given the advantage of early motor development and a competitive edge in swimming, many parents opt for water familiarization at a very young age, some even as early as 6 months old.

With the Infant and Toddler certificate, you can coach infants staring from 4 months old. These young swimmers become the students who can accompany you for an extended duration throughout your swim coaching career.

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12-month Installment Plan Available. Contact us via the button above.