1. What are the age range for infant, toddler and kids?

Infant: 2 years old and below
Toddler: 2 to 5 years old
Kids: 5 to 16 years old

2. Why 5 years and below have shorter lesson time?

To suit the brief attention spans and quicker fatigue of young children, it’s crucial to go for shorter-duration classes in all activities, including swim lessons. If lessons exceed their tolerance levels, the effectiveness of teaching diminishes. Thus, brief, enjoyable classes prove more productive and educational for this age group compared to longer sessions.

3. How long does it take to learn swimming?

Learning to swim varies for each person. Some, with natural abilities, learn faster, while those fearful of water might take more time. The speed of learning isn’t crucial; building confidence is. We’re here to help you gain that confidence and enjoy this new experience. Once you have built confidence, your learning abilities will improve as well.

4. What if weather is bad that day?

If there’s clearly bad weather at your location, please notify the coach at least 1 hour before the lesson to cancel. The coach will make the final decision.
Unfortunately, if bad weather occurs after the coach arrives but before entering the water, lessons will still be charged. In that unfortunate event, the lesson will be substituted with land drills.

5. Do I have choice of female coaches?

We value your comfort, and you have the freedom to choose the gender of your instructor to match your preference. Due to high demand for female instructors, thus there is an surcharge.