Frequently Asked Questions on our Classes

Babies are best to start swimming as early as possible, leveraging their natural reflex known as ‘laryngeal reflex’ or ‘gag reflex,’ which develops after birth. This reflex is a result of spending months in the womb filled with liquid, making water contact feel natural to them. However, as they age, their water confidence diminishes, and a fear of water may develop.

Instead of waiting for this natural reflex to fade, it’s beneficial to start early during bath times. Providing cues like “<Name>, ready go” while washing their face or head helps develop this reflex into controlled muscle memory through frequent and repeated actions.

Enrolling them with us as early as 4 months old will showcase their natural breath control and how quickly they can start learning to swim.

Infant: 2 years old and below
Toddler: 2 to 5 years old
Kids: 5 to 16 years old

To suit the brief attention spans and quicker fatigue of young children, it’s crucial to go for shorter-duration classes in all activities, including swim lessons. If lessons exceed their tolerance levels, the effectiveness of teaching diminishes. Thus, brief, enjoyable classes prove more productive and educational for this age group compared to longer sessions.

Absolutely! The initial lesson with the swimmer serves as a trial lesson. If you are content with the service, kindly proceed to make payment (of the number of lesson upcoming for the month, including the first lesson) within 2 days from the trial lesson to secure your slot. The trial lesson fee will be waived if the participant is unsatisfied and chooses not to continue with the service.

Learning to swim varies for each person. Some, with natural abilities, learn faster, while those fearful of water might take more time. The speed of learning isn’t crucial; building confidence is. We’re here to help you gain that confidence and enjoy this new experience. Once you have built confidence, your learning abilities will improve as well.

In case of evident bad weather at your location, kindly inform the coach at least 1 hour before the lesson. The final decision if the class can proceed will rests with the coach.
Regrettably, if bad weather arises after the coach arrives but before entering the water, lessons will still be charged. However, the session will be substituted with land drills to ensure the participant’s time is valuable.

Every participant have up to 1 Free cancellation, if you have notified us 1 day (24 hours) in advance. This policy ensures our coaches have sufficient time to adjust their schedules.

Additional cancellations will incur charges, and frequent cancellations may impact the learning progression.

Cancellation includes:

  • Oversea commitment
  • Participant not feeling well
  • School activities
  • Any other unforeseen circumstance leading to a missed swim lesson

For detailed information, please refer to our Terms and Conditions (Paragraph 7).

Any date constraints communicated to us at the beginning of the month before the payment cycle will not be considered as a cancellation. Feel free to proceed with your holiday or planned activities, as they will not impact your cancellation policy.


For detailed information, please refer to our Terms and Conditions (Paragraph 7).

This is a very important question! If you missed your original lesson slot and a make-up lesson is conducted (by your original Coach or a Stand-in Coach), it won’t count on your 1 Free Cancellation

Discuss the possibility of a makeup lesson with your Coach. Make up lesson is term as the lesson conducted on the different day of the same week that the lesson was missed.

Absolutely! Our coaches personally create the progress videos, capturing each milestone as your kids advance in their swimming journey. You’ll receive these videos whenever a significant achievement is reached. This videography service is designed to be a cherished memory and a tool for reviewing their progression.

Many parents appreciate this service, as it keeps them updated on their child’s swimming development, providing a virtual presence even when they can’t be physically present during lessons.

We value your comfort, and you have the freedom to choose the gender of your instructor to match your preference. Due to high demand for female instructors, thus there is an surcharge if you only want female coach for the lesson.